Dr. Willie's Blues

With Garth Hudson of The Band

In spite of a formidable lack of ethnic background and native talent, I have been playing jazz guitar on and off for over 30 years. Only in the past several years have I had intensive formal training. I finished studying with Gil Plantinga in the summer of 1997 (I thought I graduated; he says I was expelled. In any case he gave up teaching shortly thereafter, and has taken up photography.).

After a stint with Jazz Vermont, I was guitarist with the Big Blue Big Band from Kingston, NY. I now work with a trio called Mood Swing. I have a CD of solo guitar which I recorded myself. I have a home studio centered around an Akai DPS24 desk.

My style is mainstream and bebop. My heroes are Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, and Jim Hall.

  • d'Angelico Excel 2006 * My main guitar
  • Guild Artist Award 1987 - the big band and acoustic guitar
  • Barrington Arch-top, 3" body - the bop guitar
  • De'Armond Starfire - "Joe Beck" alto tuning
  • Gibson SG standard, ca. 1971 - on the rare occassion that a solid body is required
  • Hohner G2T - travel guitar

  • Equipment

  • Roland Jazz Chorus 120
  • Polytone Mini-Brute II amp
  • Acoustic Image I amp *
  • Raezer's Edge Twin 8 * and 10ER Cabs
  • Fender Amp Can
  • Digitech RP-12 Guitar Processor
  • Boss ME-50 Multieffects Processor *
  • Yamaha DG stomp

  • * My main setup

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