Links to related Web resources

                         Online Discussion Groups

                            PriusChat: The most active online group

                            Prius Online: Less active, easier to navigate

                            Clean MPG: The place for saving gas in any vehicle

                            GreenHybrid: Database and discussionof hybrids

                        Personal Web Pages by Owners

                            John1701a has assembled personal data, much useful

                                                   information on the Prius, and lots of goodies like calendars

                            Hobbit (may the hair on his feet grow ever longer) has

                                                   hacked every possible system on the Prius, and has

                                                   contributed mightily to our understanding

                                                   of how its drive system works

                        More info

                            Toyota's Prius page

                            Memory Alpha: the United Federation of Planets encyclopedia


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