Blogosphere entries

         Toyota's Open Road "Dare we say, it all sounds very logical, in a Vulcan sort of way."
Autoblog "Kudos to Dr. Yee for keeping things fun."
Edmund's Inside Line "on the bright side, nobody has to wear any Spandex to drive it."
Autoblog Green "This thing just hits all the right buttons."
Winding Road/Next Autos "Star Trek fans are a hard-core group, and ones that don’t seem to mind taking evidence of its mania out into the world."
The Seitch "pretty freaking sweet . . . Makes you wonder if perhaps the geeks will inherit the earth."
AllAboutPrius "every Star Trek fan's dream"
Sean Dwyer: Media Bytes "Reed Farrington is definitely jealous."
Le Blog Auto "Alors quon sait que cest une star de l’asphalte encore plus alternative et bien plus confidentielle que la Prius qui va faire les beaux jours de Star Trek, lAptera en loccurrence, un docteur new yorkais, fan de la série fantastique et complètement barré a personnalisé son hybride comme un véhicule du vaisseau « Enterprise »."
la Repubblica "Ecco a cosa può arrivare una passione sconfinata per Star Trek."
io9 "an unholy mixture of geeking out and selling out" "the shuttlecraft “Zhang Heng” isn’t ready for space travel, but for a Trekkie, it’s the next best thing." "Der Prius ist durch und durch ein Serienauto."


Magazine articles

         Hudson Valley Magazine "A Frugal Enterprise," September, 2008
Geek Monthly "Geek of the Month," June, 2008
         Popular Mechanics 4 Wild New Cars for Mega MPG
@ HybridFest 2008, July 24, 2008